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Martin Buber  (1878 - 1965)

  Perhaps most famous for his concept of the Dialogic Principle, which was passionately expressed in I and Thou, Buber is one of the most intense Jewish philosophers and theologians.


Buber's obituary in The New York Times


excerpts from I and Thou


"Martin Buber on Education"


"Martin Buber and Jewish-Arab Peace"


Buber's open letter to Gandhi, 1939




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List of Works




The Tales of Rabbi Nachman


The Legend of the Baal Shem


My Path to Hasidism


The Holy Path


Chinese Ghost and Love Stories


I and Thou


The Hidden Light









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"It is not possible to live in the bare present. Life would be quite consumed if precautions were not taken to subdue the present speedily and thoroughly. But it is possible to live in the bare past, indeed only in it may a life be organized. We only need to fill each moment with experiencing and using, and it ceases to burn."





"[P]roducing the sound “You” with one’s vocal cords does not by any means entail speaking the uncanny basic word. Even whispering an amorous You with one’s soul is hardly dangerous as long as in all seriousness one means nothing but experiencing and using."






























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