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Poetry by Michael Estabrook 

Michael is the author of 15 chapbooks.  When the Muse Speaks is his latest one.



© 2011 Michael Estabrook







“You spoil me,” she states.

“I feel guilty about that.”

She slinks up to me, wraps her arms

around my neck.

For some strange reason I’m speechless,

even after all these years.r

She kisses me, then explains how

the new air conditioner she bought

(that we don’t really need

and can’t really afford)

is being delivered on Tuesday.

“You’re too good to me,” she adds,

As she slips from the room

As smoothly as she slipped in,

And I’m thinking,

what choice do I have really?

I mean, just look at her!

What choice do I have

in anything really, what?










All work is property of Michael Estabrook.




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