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Michael Moorcock (1939 - )

  Michael Moorcock is a prolific fantasy and science fiction author who has created weird, unconventional heroes such as Elric and Jerry Cornelius.


Moorcock's Miscellany


Interview at The Zone






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List of Works



Elric of Melnibone


The Sailor on the Seas of Fate


The Weird of the White Wolf


The Vanishing Tower


The Bane of the Black Sword




Elric at the End of Time


The Dreamthief's Daughter


The Skrayling Tree


The White Wolf's Son


The Eternal Champion series


The Chronicles of Count Brass


The Books of Corum


The Dancers at the End of Time


Legends from the End of Time



The History of the Runestaff


The Michael Kane Series


The Jerry Cornelius Chronicles


The Between the Wars series




Mother London


King of the City













(not a complete list)




"Tolkien talked a lot about evil and innocence but didn't really confront any of the issues, didn't really look at the underbelly of his beautiful beast. That kind of work makes me impatient. Also it supported a Tory orthodoxy, which made me very chary indeed...[T]here are still individual writers I admire who probably can't write any other way and are kind of stuck with sharing rack space with the hobbitoids, even though they are pretty much the opposite of the Middle Earth clones."




"I tend to play music all the time while working, but it depends what I'm writing as to what I'll be listening to. I tend to get the 'music' of a story in my head before I start writing the story. This tends to dictate much else, including structure, characters and choice of location."






























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