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Poetry by Mike Berger, PhD 

Mike is a retired psychologist who is relatively new to the world of writing poetry.




© 2010 Mike Berger, PhD







I didn't know how to stop the process.

None of the medications seem to help.

This was a high strung woman with a

deep perfectionist streak.


She felt control slipping away and knew

she was coming unraveled. She was tearing

apart at the seams; fading in and out of



Hard economic times had delivered a

devastating blow. She was the top sales

person in a brokerage firm. The bottom had

fallen out of the business.


So what do you do when the cheering stops?

You try to hold it together but you slide down

hill; everything else fails.


That's not a good scenario for someone who

believes that first is first and second is nothing.

Gone are the flashing eyes and a ready smile.

No more glib sales diatribe. She sits in the

corner and cries. There are no medications

that will help. We can only sedate her and

ease her pain.





All work is property of Mike Berger, PhD.




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