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Poetry by Mikel K - interview 

Here are some K poems that pertain to his interview.



© 2009 Mikel K




Look At The Bums


Look at the bums,

here another one comes;

last week, maybe he had

a job in a factory,

but they downsized;

CEO got a bonus

for thinking that way;

everybody, especially

the stockholders, thinks

that he's a great man

eats off a ten thousand dollar plate

at the White House,

shakes the right hands.


Here comes a bum,

got a tear in his eye,

I immediately criticize,

say that he is a crack addict

who will want a quarter

from me.


He asks for money for food.

Why don t you get a job?

Why don t you get a job,

like me?



you and me

we're living in the land

of opportunity.


Oh no,

I just lost my job.






People R Defective

People are defective.
People are defective.

They maybe weren't born that way,
but by the time you meet them,
and try to fall in love with them,
they are defective.

You don t notice it at first,
at first, you are taken in
by a twinkle in her eye,
or by the way that she laughs,
or by something that lets you know
that this is no ordinary woman,

no ordinary woman.

The next thing you know, she is telling you
what an asshole her ex-husband is
how she doesn't have car insurance,
and how she is thinking about killing herself.

People are defective.
People are defective.






Everybody Works At Wal-Mart


Everybody works at Wal-Mart,

and they drink Coca Colas

while watching American Idol.






Freedom Was A Whore


Freedom was a whore.


I abused her.

I misused her.

I confused her

with something else.

I neglected her.

I bet that she would

be there for me

for forever.


Freedom just walked







I Need a Rich Girl


I need a rich girl

to drive my deceased car

to the unemployment line,

so that I can get food stamps

and avoid a job.


I need a pill that will

fill me up, not with envy.

I need a pill that will

make me feel friendly,

not want to kill


I need a friend,

in these united states

of isolation

where, even hells angels

are afraid to hitchhike,

where thinking

outside the norm

could land you in jail.


I need a reason

to go on living,

and I think that

my children will do.






The Revolution Will Not Be Televised at a Five-Star Restaurant


I'm so much a part of the machine
that I will probably never revolt against anything

more than the waiter who brings me my steak

cooked incorrectly.







All work is property of Mikel K.




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