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Orestes Brownson (1803 - 1876)

  Orestes Brownson was a brilliant 19th-Century essayist and philosopher who excoriated industrial/consumerist soullessness as well as materialist, revolutionary collectivism (particularly the horrible French Revolution).  Despite his championship of exploited laborers, socialism to him was eventual slavery and "a heresy", and he had more than a few words of criticism for Transcendentalism.  He considered God to be first and Last Cause, Personal and orderly.


Orestes Brownson Society


"Transcendentalism, or Latest Form of Infidelity"





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List of Works



The Canon of the Scripture


The Life and Speeches of John C. Calhoun


The Decline of Protestantism


The French Republic


Religion In Society


Abolition and Negro Equality


Christian Ethics


Spanish America


Free Labor


Constitutional Law






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"[T]he multiplication of wants which can be satisfied only with material or sensible goods, is not a good but an evil."







"Revolution has followed revolution, and no political reform goes far enough to satisfy its friends."
































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