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Poetry by Pamela MacBean 

Pamela is the author of A Dalton View (Wolfsong Publishing) and Postscripts in Time (FootHills Publishing).  Her latest book, In the Great North Woods, is soon to be released.  She lives in New Hampshire.




© 2007  Pamela MacBean







Rubbing Chamomile Rose
on aging skin
to feel real,
despite a small white cap
clutching baldness.

Victoria Secret nightgowns
will be tucked away
in memories.
"Still Me" garments
lie in drawers
like ladies in waiting.

But night's luminous lantern
will always slide by
my bedroom window,
every few evenings,
and I,
soon to be
a perpetual waning moon,
will still shine.






All work is property of Pamela MacBean.




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