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Poetry by Pamela MacBean 

Pamela is the author of Postscripts in Time and a book In the Great North Woods.  She lives in New Hampshire.



© 2009 Pamela MacBean







Fifty something me

Wants the mirror to tell lies.

Hair disguised with auburn lights,

Soft with tube conditioners,

A smelly thirty minute metamorphosis

To cover the vintage of my years.

The puppeteer strings of aging

Pulling once tight skin

Into a Howdy-Doody grin.


Perhaps Blanche in her desire had the right idea,

Smiling under Chinese lanterns,

Hiding under parasols of metaphors,

A shadow dancing behind drawn curtains.

But there’s always a Stanley

Like fluorescent lights over a mirror

That laugh the brutish truth.








All work is property of Pamela MacBean.




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