Visual art by Paul McMillen

Paul is a painter, sculptor, musician and writer who now lives in Pittsburgh, PA.  He is the founder of the McMillan Arts Centre in Ithaca, New York.  From his artist's statement: "Still life paintings tell a story through objects, and when written music and lyrics are added, chosen objects gain their own voice. Working in the surreal genre allows the privilege of lifting the surface to study the subjective reality beneath."  From his bio: "Primarily an oil painter, Paul occasionally includes original words and music in his paintings as subject matter. [His] style ranges from abstract to surrealism. Paul recognized he was a an artist at age five, and now, at fifty-seven and just as the world makes less sense, he is convinced he was right about being an artist at first notice."  Visit his site.





All work is property of Paul McMillen.  © 2011







The Alchemist







Don't Lose Your Marbles







Passionate Palette







Self Salvation From A Dream Of The Fear Of My Own Death




























All work is property of Paul McMillen .  © 2011



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