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Poetry by Paul Murphy 





© 2007 Paul Murphy






Preludes c and d:


c) Adolph von Menzel
Adolph von Menzel travelled to Dresden from Berlin in
the late 19th century, given special permission to
make sketches of the baroque antiquities, began a
reconstruction of the era of Frederick the Great.


d) Dresden, Valentine´s day, 1945

Dear Herr Bratkartoffeln,

Yesterday I was in Dresden again, near the
FrauenKirche and saw some photos portraying the
firebombing of Dresden.  Photos of the victims piled
onto a piece of rail track. 
What is your answer to the algebra of responsibility?
Do you have an equation that will help me to figure it
out?  I´m sure there is one, but somehow I don´t think
mathematics has the guts or humanity to tell us
anything about the little tragedies of each of these
victims, their bodies piled on top of each other, the
piece of rail track. 

Little greedy, voluptuous piglets with their legs in
the air. 

Smouldering corpses.  







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