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Pierre Boulle (1912 - 1994)



Friends of Pierre Boulle's Work


Taylor speaks: clip from Planet of the Apes 1968




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List of Works



Not the Glory


Sacrilege in Malaya


The Bridge Over the River Kwai



Time Out of Mind


Saving Face


Le Borreau


The Test




The Other Side of the Coin


A Noble Profession


Monkey Planet or Planet of the Apes


Garden on the Moon


My Own River Kwai



The Photographer


Because It Is Absurd


Desperate Games


Ears of the Jungle


The Virtues of Hell


The Marvelous Place


The Good Leviathan


Trouble in Paradise


Mirrors of the Sun


The Whale of the Victoria Cross


For Love of Art




(not a complete list)












from Monkey Planet: "She lowered herself onto the rock, took a grip on it with her hands, and started climbing down toward us. Her agility was extraordinary. Her golden body, appearing to us through a cloud of spray and light, like a fairy-tale vision, moved quickly down the rock face along the thin transparent blade of the waterfall. In a few moments, clinging to some imperceptible projections, she was down at the level of the lake, kneeling on a flat stone."


































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