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Ralph Ellison (1914 - 1994)

  Named after Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ralph composed one of the great American novels, Invisible Man.  He was inspired by T.S. Eliot, Melville, Faulkner, Richard Wright, Mark Twain, and Dostoyevsky.


Irving Howe's 1952 review of Invisible Man


Ernest Kaiser on Ellison at Black World, 1970


"Man Underground" by Saul Bellow


John Corry's piece on Ellison in Black World 1970


Jerry Jazz Musician Ralph Ellison Project


Chapter One of Invisible Man


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List of Works



Invisible Man


Shadow and Act


The City In Crisis


Going To the Territory


Flying Home and Other Stories









(not a complete list)



"One ironic witness to the beauty and the universality of this art [Negro folklore] is the fact that the descendents of the very men who enslaved us [blacks] can now sing the spirituals and find in the singing an exaltation of their own humanity."



"What, if anything, is there that a novelist can say about his work that wouldn't be better left to the critics?  They at least have the advantage of dealing with the words on the page, while for him the task of accounting for the process involved in putting them there is similar to that of commanding a smoky genie to make an orderly retreat..."
































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