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Poetry by Raud Kennedy 

Raud's latest book, Mad Rabbits, is now available.  He is a dog trainer and lives in Portland, Oregon.





© 2008 Raud Kennedy








It's a new fashion trend,

looking homeless.

Scruffy beard,

ratty shorts,

stained t-shirt,

hobbit sandals

with dirty toes showing.

When they were twelve

they were told to wash their hands,

but at 34 they eat with their fingers.

At 40 it'll be with their toes.






The young female can only leave

the house when escorted.

When she does

she has to wear special clothes.

After she returns,

she must go to her part of the house.

When she was young,

they didn't fix her,

and people ridicule her.

They say she'll be a bitch in heat,

run loose and fornicate.

Their words make her angry.

Last night she chewed up

my only copy of the Qur'an.















All work is copyrighted property of Raud Kennedy.



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