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Poetry by Richard Spencer LaBute 

Richard is a film student at Canterbury Christ Church University (Canterbury, Kent, UK).




© 2011 Richard Spencer LaBute






We Don't Talk About The Neon Vodka Glow


You eat, eat, eat and 
I drink, drink, drink your blows
Every time you hit me, how it
Hurts, hurts, hurts
And I search your message inbox 
For the hurt, hurt, hurt
That we both know exists; I’ll find it
And I found, found, found it
Though I’m the last, last, last to know
But you make these pictures perfect
Of your idols drenched in gold
And I pray, pray, pray 
That’ll I’ll be next, next, next to go
So hold, hold, hold me
Tight, because we both know, know
Know you are the lightning
And I am the falling snow
So I travel in your currents
Very slow, slow, slow…
Every time you hit me, how I
Glow, glow, glow





All work is property of Richard Spencer LaBute.




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