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Poetry by Salman Shaheen 

Shaheen according to Shaheen: "He writes regularly for left-wing newspapers, websites and journals and is currently working on a novel which he hopes to send to publishers. Salman was a co-host, alongside Jon Snow, on the Channel 4
children's news series, First Edition, and also appeared as an extra in the recent film Vanity Fair - wearing a pink turban! Being something of a hippy, Salman enjoys spending his free time travelling to festivals, parties and protests. A firm believer that the pen truly is mightier than the sword,Salman writes in the hope that it can make a difference



© 2005 Salman Shaheen





Manufactured faces, factory-line expressions, cast
Their gazes, averting eyes from strangers,
Transfer money, gulp their cups of caffeine,
Back to work. Cycle repeat.
It's the modern way.

But from Avebury down to Glastonbury,
On the turnpikes and in the fields,
From the festivals and all-night raves, to the circles
At the stones; they looked for another life,
Stuck two fingers up to Starbucks,
And chose, not your way, but the highway!

Now you criminalize communities, travellers
Ain't welcome, beat them on the Beanfield,
Tell us property's not theft; well
Why do I feel robbed?
Criminal Justice? Where's the justice?
Justice for the criminals in the Commons,
And your coffee-house bourgeoisie -
Is it a crime to want to LIVE?

I see the way you live -
Manufactured faces, factory-line expressions;
Imagination cannot be moulded!
Avert your eyes from strangers,
You stand alone.
Transfer money, capitalism running on coffee,
Your stock exchanges spin in circles,
I'm getting dizzy -
Let me off!

I'll take the highway.








All work is property of Salman Shaheen.




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