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Poetry by Shadwynn 

Shadwynn is the author of The Crafted Cup: Ritual Mysteries of the Goddess and the Grail.  He lives in Richmond, Virginia.




© 2005  Shadwynn




Mortal Remains


Mother longs for our return

to her erogenous earth; close between

twin blossoms of bosom, she yearns
to stroke our strands of lifeless hair,
to hold us close in unthinkable intimacy;
dead children home for an eternal holiday
beneath sheets of cemetery green
with plot-quilted patterns, deep-dirt brown.


Concealed in worm-ridden riddles,
concentric cycles

of life-in-death, death-in-life,

reveal her dark-purposed gift
for sharing, sexing, our body in hers;

sensate rapture's final release
in the dissipation of dying breath.
No immortal individuation
to keep us separate
from her soil-draped voluptuousness
as we return to our origin in mud and matter,
sucked into womb-warmth,
self-consciousness dissolving,
reverently non-responsive.


Coldly metallic caskets;
last efforts by Gaia's fear-filled children
to sleep encased, insulated
from the naked Mother's horizontal invitation
to lie in her embrace

as mortal remains
clad only in linen shroud

or boxed bed of rotting wood;
flesh letting go with finality,

determined to disintegrate,
eager to return to the ancient breasts
in a last sacrament for the morbidly sensuous;

incestuously, deathly erotic;
Nature as femme fatale nurturing

her cannibalistic necrophilia,
feeding upon those she fed.


Expired human residue

oozing its subterranean seepage,

dark ectoplasm for unthinking shades;

witnesses without comprehension

to Kali's delirious dance,
her grisly necklace rattling
with the music of clattering skulls.
Lady-love desires our dissolution;
a carnivorous craving

for mouth-watering marrow
from teeth-marked bones,

crunched and clean;
tasty tidbits of masticated meat
excreted onto Earth's ecological midden heap;
fresh, sticky refuse for sacred scarabs.


Biospheric divinity, terrestrial Goddess

unable to comprehend the horror,
while incredulous, chosen children
gifted by second sight
witness with transfixed vision
the sickness of Mommie Dearest
as she stars in the leading role:
a snuff-seductress
in her own pantheistic pornography.























































All work is copyrighted property of Shadwynn.



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