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Poetry by Suchoon Mo 

Suchoon Mo a former Korean Army Lieutenant and a Korean War veteran.  He lives in Colorado.




© 2006 Suchoon Mo






He Snored In The History Class

I did not know him well
but I know what happened to him

he got out of the Army
because the artillery was too noisy

he went to a college
and he liked a history class

the professor was a young lady
her voice soothing and comforting

he would sit in the front seat
and promptly fall asleep

how many times did this happen?
more than several times

one day he fell asleep as usual
then began to snore like an old engine

this was unusual
and just too much

the professor screamed
the whole class laughed

since then he was no longer seen
in that history class

this is one reason why
I did not know him well

but I think I know him
he is like me more or less













All work is copyrighted property of Suchoon Mo.



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