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Poetry by Tamara Graham 

Tamara emerged from the ether with pen in hand and queenly stature.  Honest and exposing, her poetry is for the Strong black woman who knows her heart is fragile.  She will guide you through the depths of sisters' souls.  She is an ancient emerging to set you free.  The word sinuous describes her work in its entirety. She is edgy and classic, epitomizing the full-grown black woman.



© 2001/2003






Can I do your hair?


Let's take it back to the sands

Bringing you the power of our homelands

Naw, I don't need a comb

I'm using my hands

I'll be putting braids

in his hair

trying to repair

the damage done

To your mind.

Come on and sit

Cause it's going to take

A little time


Naw man, not in the chair

That's not how I do hair

To soften the pain of these

Cornrows, and ease the strain

Of these mental blows

Sit here between my legs

So that I may forge beautiful pathways

And help your subconscious remember

Days of light love and glory

So I may tell the stories

Of the true kings you have been


Brothers getting braids

Cause they Trees with no roots

I plant these rows to bring forth the truth

Living life in all these straight lines

Let your chakra be intertwined

Twisted and pulled into divine


Don't flinch, man,

Give it a chance to loosen its

Grips on your ugly realities

And make waves

Where your uncertainties used to be


See beauty is scalp deep

The truth it goes straight


With you hair braided like that

They will only see the God in you


Man we were woven,

Shaved when we were


Made for years to keep it low


Don't raise your eyes


But now you can see how

These patterns and designs

Will redefine your life

And your mind


Now that this knew crown

Has been imparted unto you

There are couple things

You need to do

Don't forget to cover it

With care

Before you go to sleep.

That way the Frayed

ends won't show

and the true beauty won't



Oil it to keep the shine


Thanks for letting me do your hair

How much?

Yo just send some cats my way

And make sure you schedule a day

For me to re braid your hair.

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All poems are copyrighted property of Tamara Graham.



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