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Poetry by Tobi Cogswell 

Tobi is the author of Sanity Among the Wildflowers and Hostage Negotiation in Negative-Land.  She lives in Southern California.




© 2007 Tobi Cogswell






Poem Masquerading As Haiku


You cup your palm tight

make sleigh bells out of beach glass

the ocean applauds


You touch sea creatures

they close their squiggly tendrils

the clouds obey you


You speak the round voice

live in the breath of today

fear does not haunt you


The shop of ocean

offers magic to tempt us

you pose on one knee


Honeycombs of clouds

call attention to the birds

we stare at the sea


You look to the trees

write prose against the smooth bark

the leaves publish you


You shield eyes from sun

run finger round the goblet

the scream splits the air


I am symmetry

we come from different worlds

I am the coward


Muted stripes on shirt

you see me running away

stripes and hair, and stripes








All work is property of Tobi Cogswell.




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