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Poetry by Tolulope Ogunlesi

Tolulope is from Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria.




© 2005 Tolulope Ogunlesi



Solitary Confinement (daily diary entry of a foetus)

              I don't know
      The world counts






We Men

We men sitting in a circle
Listening to the loneliness
In our hearts in the night in the bottom of our

Fresh bottles fresh barbecues fresh bills
Stale jokes stale laughter stale faces
The circle widens, gains girth
We shrink, descend outside the gates

Dragging our jokes and words
Behind us
Before us
Our potbellies stretch and join hands

To form a landing pad
For the deepening night

Night makes a soft thud as it lands
Then runs off, then runs inside
To take its place n
To make way for more night

Men don't cry over spilt beer
They let it dry
But the fun dies first - a wry corpse -
We laugh one last time before our phones awaken





All work is copyrighted property of Tolulope Ogunlesi.



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