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Poetry by Tonya Kelley 

Tonya Kelley lives between New York City and her home state of Connecticut.  She studies Creative Writing at Western CT State University and is a writer of poetry, stage plays and short fiction.  Her work has been featured in such publications as Promise Magazine, Jill: A Magazine for Women, Dicey Brown, Iconoclast and Poetism.  She is a regular contributor to The Electric Mayhem and her first book of poetry, UNSEXY (Wasteland Press) was released in February 2003.  Aside from reading, various teaching gigs and unrelated day-jobs which make working a six to seven day per week affair, she has no life.




© 2003  Tonya Kelley

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Give me liberty            Or at least a hot ass

And a collection of Dahl I haven't yet seen


Your vacuum is a broom

            Children slide socks

In a room that used to look like an amusement park ride

                        (he said the carousel was his favorite)

All roads lead to sexy             When touching a freckled face

Speak softly turned on

Your reflection in the screen                 I lay on mine

You on top and say scared and              Hot heat and tits

To lay away a Sunday

In white sheets and cold coffee            Hugs and kisses for you


Let's hide in the bushes

And pounce on timing               Or anything







You were there

On the brink of missing pinwheels

And Sunday cotton sheets


When plaster punched a closet hole

And it snowed down Thompson


You were there when he said

            Your lips, your stomach


And when balloons were more than blowing


You held up a train

And followed monkeys down Eighth


You were always witness to our indecision


There when his wife passed and paused

When I was a Halloween princess

And the dirty snow angels be damned


You laughed as we stumbled to a cozy

When the firecrackers cracked fire

And during a saxophone swim


You were there like a flashlight my junior year

Later, a red light in my city district


O, Moon!  The things you have seen!







A shaking man            Is two and a half


And thirty-three


If I could rain            It's barely a shower


You have many gifts

For my shape               And fit well

In my mouth


No Smoking sign laughs            In a tinted window


You love me so            And my jealousy more


Trade you a key for some            infidelity









All poems are copyrighted property of Tonya Kelley.



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