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Poetry by Umesh Ghoshdastider 

Umesh ranked 4th in Science in India with a Physiology Honours graduate from Presidency College in Kolkata.  He lives Kolkata, India.




© 2007 Umesh Ghoshdastider








The things that I do beyond my sensation
at every moment are far harder than
that what I fear to attempt.
The earth is moving 'round the sun
but I don't realize.
I do these things that I know
I mustn't do, bad or good.
I even don't work for anyone except me.
I'm ashamed of people doing misdeeds,

but I don't want to realize that I'm in the same path.
I think of myself as the best and the most powerful.
Yet I've no power except love.
I think I'm doing right, generally.
I forget what wrongs I've done.
That's because I'm the slave of me.
And I can't prosper until I win over it.
Actually, the mind doesn't want to understand.







All work is property of Umesh Ghoshdastider.




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