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Poetry by Victor Garcia 

Victor lives in Miami and attends the University of Miami.




© 2007 Victor Garcia






My Questions

I slept on the floor and showered with a bucket of
water and a plastic cup. This was ok with me and I
knew I could sustain if I was forced to denounce my
nationalism. I slept on the cushioned floor and read
biographies of war heroes; they were patriots of the
revolution. When I'd ask my cousins why they thought
so many left the island, their responses sounded like,
"they left because times were hard, and it's easier to
leave when times are hard." I asked what keeps them
from purchasing a bigger home, but they ignored my dry

I was out/in one evening and asked how they survived
with such modest salary, but their retort was if I
could pay for their drinks. Más Ron. Near El Malecón
we parked to photograph the view. I asked our cab
driver, Raúl, why we had started to let our women
prostitute themselves; he told me that times were







All work is property of Victor Garcia.




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