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Walter B. Gibson (1905 - 1985)

Walter Gibson, also writing as Maxwell Grant, was a magician and enthusiast of magic, a crossword-puzzle creator for the Ledger Syndicate, and a powerhouse author most known for The Shadow pulp stories.  In the year 1932 alone, he typed out 1,680,000 words and maintained a monumental writing output for most of his days.  He was awarded a Literary Fellowship by The Academy of Magical Arts in 1971. 


Anthony Tollin's The Shadow's Sanctum site


Audio of Gibson at the Orlandocon in Florida, 1977


Thomas Shimeld's Walter B. Gibson and The Shadow book


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The Shadow Knows downloadable documentary



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List of Works


The Complete Beginner's Guide To Magic


Mastering Magic


The Complete Guide To Knots


Hoyle's Modern Encyclopedia of Card Games


Magic With Science


The Mystic and Occult Arts


A Blonde For Murder


The Silent Seven


The Living Shadow


The Eyes of The Shadow


Cry Shadow!


Shadow Beware


Mark of The Shadow


Shadow Go Mad!


The Shadow's Revenge


Night of The Shadow


The Shadow Laughs!


The Death Tower


Grove of Doom


Hidden Death


Gangdom's Doom


Green Eyes


The Ghost Makers


The Red Menace


Hands In the Dark


The Black Master


The Creeping Death


The Shadow's Shadow


Fingers of Death


The Wealth Seeker


The Death Giver







(not a complete list)





On writing The Shadow novels: "Sometimes the typewriter keys would fly so fast that I wondered if my fingers could keep up with them."







"I do not hammer nails. I cannot put up storm windows. If I mess up my hands, I am in real trouble. They have to be able to write and to type."



















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