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Poetry by Walter Ruhlmann 

Walter teaches English in Mayotte, France.  Visit his mgversion2>datura and The Night Orchid.



© 2011 Walter Ruhlmann







She was lying on the beach –
was it in N'Gouja
or was it in Moya?
Can you remember now?
She was lying there anyway
and she has kept lying
up to now.

You spotted her because
you found she was quite plain
and knew she was helpless
you may say desperate
you guessed –
from the colour of her skin
white as the whitest snow you've never seen
not even on the Choungui –
that she could sustain you
as long as you could
entertain that mzungu.

You asked her if
she needed help with her bag,
she wanted you to spread
sun cream on her back,
she had a soft spot for blacks,
she had a large hammock,
she could offer you that
fancy cell phone and
that trendy shirt and
that speedy scooter and
her most private parts.

She answered yes
to all these questions
without hesitation
and as you walk with her
holding her arm
holding your breath
as she kisses you
holding you
in detention
you remember the sand
its colour and its feel
and you feel that her lips
though blood-red and sticky
are just as abrasive.

Note: mzungu means white in shimaore



All work is property of Walter Ruhlmann.




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