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William Faulkner quotes 



"[I]f I ever become a preacher, it will be to preach against man, individual man, relinquishing into groups, any group."



"It's a shame that the only thing a man can do for eight hours a day is work. He can't eat for eight hours; he can't drink for eight hours; he can't make love for eight hours. The only thing a man can do for eight hours is work."



"I think that if [the writer is] demon-driven, with something to be said, then he's going to write it...I think that if you're going to write, you're going to write, and nothing will stop you."



"Only an individualist can be a first-rate artist.  He can't belong to a group or a school and be a first-rate writer."



"I think that no writing will be too successful without some conception of God...I think of Jean-Paul Sartre, which was good writing in the sense of good writing but there was something lacking.  That to me is the difference between Camus and Sartre, the difference between Sartre and Proust, the difference between Sartre and Stendhal.  That Sartre denied God."



"[T]he greatest part of experience is in the books, to read.  To read and to read and to read and to read."



"I think that no one individual can look at truth.  It blinds you.  You look at it and you see one phase of it.  Someone else looks at it and sees a slightly awry phase of it.  But taken all together, the truth is in what they saw though nobody saw the truth intact."






"It's much more fun to try to write about women because I think women are marvelous, they're wonderful, and I know very little about them."



"As to whether [man] will stay on the earth long enough to attain ultimate goodness, nobody knows.  But he does improve, since the only alternative to progress is death."



"[N]o man is himself, he is a sum of his past.  There is no such thing really as was because the past is.  It is part of every man, every woman."



" believe in 'me,' in 'I,' rather than 'we,' to be oneself, to resist that pressure to relinquish individuality...[M]aybe that's all anyone has to do to combat Communism."



"Also, I think the writer is not really interested in bettering man's condition.  He really doesn't give a damn about man's condition.  He's interested in all man's behavior with no judgment whatever."







All of the above quotes belong to Faulkner.



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