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Poetry by Zoe Alexandra 

Zoe is the author of Cock Shy (Scintillating Publications), and she has been featured in many journals.  Her work has also appeared in Best Lesbian Erotica 2007 (Cleis Press) and was translated into Italian for Best Erotica 2007.





© 2008 Zoe Alexandra





Brain Washing


Better Late Than Never...


but never is a place

I'm too scared to go

all the in-betweens

give me panic attacks


Once you called me

an in-between

and I took offense


If I can't be the best

I better be the worst


I've met so many women

who claim to read men

like directions to the nearest

gas station


All I can read are the instructions

on your clothing

wash in warm water, gentle cycle, hand dry


So let's come clean

If your kind of love is


then my brain

was dirty,

it needed a rinse.

















All work is copyrighted property of Zoe Alexandra.




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