Kara-Zeal Herrle visual art

8-year-old Kara-Zeal is my daughter. A short interview of her follows the images below.

Daughter Easter

Daughter Thanksgiving

Daughter Trick or Treat

Daughter Christmas

Interview with Kara-Zeal

Question: Why do you like art?

Answer: It’s my favorite school subject, and it’s really relaxing.


Q:Where do you get ideas for art projects at home?

A: An idea comes into my head during the day, and then I come home and make them real.


Q:Do you prefer drawing and coloring to crafts, or the reverse?

A: I like those equally. Drawing, coloring and crafts have all the contents of art, and they all mix together.

Q: When do you most often make art?

A: Before bed. It helps me to relax and get ready to sleep. And it’s a peaceful time with nobody else around.