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Submission Guidelines


We prefer to receive submissions via e-mail.  Just copy/cut and paste onto the email field.


All material remains in YOUR possession, in YOUR copyright, subject to YOUR volition.  A mention of SubtleTea is appreciated if/when you use selected pieces in the future.  Selected pieces may also reprise in future editions or appear in an anthology, etc. 


There are no rejections.  Accepted work receives replies; declined work does not.


For poetry/prose/essays/reviews/novel excerpts

- Please keep your pieces single-spaced and in a legible font (10- or 12-point, please).  

No overly fancy fonts (such as cursive, etc.).


- Submit up to 6 poetry pieces, up to 2 prose pieces, up to 2 essays, and up to 3 reviews (book or film).


- Not everything will always be accepted or posted.  But fair and interested consideration is guaranteed.  Also, leftover material may be considered for the future magazine, etc.


- Include your name, address, and e-mail.  


- An optional biographical blurb suggestion is welcome.




For book review proposals


- Submit book(s) via postal mail.  Email editor for address.


- Please include introductory letter, or cover letter, or press release with book(s)


- No pre-published manuscripts are accepted for review.


- Please be patient, since reading is time consuming.




For visual art (from paintings to photography)


- Please use reasonable sizes when sending attachments: usually images from 500 - 900 pixels in width and length are acceptable.  (The editor can resize according to space and page layout, etc.)  .JPEGs and .GIFs are preferable. 


Please: no outrageously obscene material.  (You KNOW what obscene is, folks.)


- Include name of piece(s), name of artist, copyright dates, etc., in the e-mail body.








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