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Poetry by Aurora Antonovic 

Aurora Antonovic is a Canadian writer and visual artist whose poetry has recently appeared over three hundred times in seven countries and five continents in publications such as Adagio Verse Quarterly, Blind Man's Rainbow, Promise, Reflections, BlackMail Press, Above Ground Testing, and Poetic Voices.




© 2005  Aurora Antonovic




Exquisite Love


Exquisite hour of love,

Magnificent beyond words!
It calls to me,

It sings to me,

"No, I won't forget you,

I will come back to you

When you least expect it."

Love creeps to me at night,

Whispering my name,

Like a tickle from a feather,

It breathes in my face

With iris from Florence

And Mysore sandalwood

With promises of great things

That hang in the air

No illusions, only reality


Exquisite love

Will be mine

It has been promised

Since the beginning.




L'Amour Exquis


L'heure d'amour

Est très exquis,

Plus magnifique que des mots peuvent le dire!
Il m'appele,

Il me chante,

"Non, je ne vous oublirai pas!"

Je viendrai chez vous,

Quand vous ne l'attendez pas."


L'amour me visite la nuit,

L'amour chuchote mon nom,

Comme le chatouillement d'une plume,

Il respire sur mon visage

Avec iris de Florence ,

Et bois de santal de Mysore,
Avec de promesses de grandes choses

Qui s'accrochent dans l'air,

Sans aucune illusions,

Mais seuleument la réalité


L'amour exquis

Sera le mien

Ainsi promis

Du commencement




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All work is copyrighted property of Aurora Antonovic.





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