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Just think. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” might be the shortest word in a parallel universe.

James Baldwin on “a sense of history” to Studs Terkel in 1961: “Well, you read something that you thought only happened to you, and you discovered that it happened a hundred years ago to Dostoyevsky. This is a…great liberation for the suffering, struggling person who always thinks he is alone.”

The Neon Demon: Paul Schrader meets Jonathan Glazer meets David Mitchell/Disasterpeace meets Aronofsky meets Verhoeven meets David Lynch.

You know, Nietzsche always complained about the weather. That means I’m as brilliant as Nietzsche. Carry on.

I wish I had a dollar for every dollar I don’t have…

I hate the phrase “That said.” That said, it does come in handy sometimes.

Cutting calories results in weight loss; cutting in line results in wait loss.

Folks cheer Clarence Darrow’s superiority over W.J. Bryan, but what about G.K. Chesterton pulverizing Darrow in their 1931 debate?

In Walk Through Walls, performance-artist Marina Abramovic relates how Ling Rinpoche, the Dali Lama’s teacher, flicked her forehead and caused her to break into uncontrollable weeping. “If that man had told me to open the window and jump, for whatever reason, I would have done it,” she claims. This is hardly different from how how she describes how charismatic dictator Tito affected people: “[H]is charisma was absolute, overpowering. I felt electricity flowing through my whole body as he spoke; the tears flowed from my eyes. And it didn’t matter what he was saying. This was mass hypnosis…”  It also reminds me of what Marceline Jones, foolish and doomed wife of socialist crackpot Jim Jones, said about her reaction to her husband’s crowd-moving power: “My reaction was one of amazement…it was as if I walked on air and I could not feel my feet on the ground and it was difficult for me to even speak.” 

Ernest Becker in The Denial of Death: “[H]eroism is first and foremost a reflex of the terror of death.”

John Waters: “I hate liberals who say: ‘I’m leaving the country.’ Oh, like it’s going to matter. You’re not that important, go ahead.”

Hardcore Henry is a miraculous movie.

I need a new droog.

Dr. Seuss’ I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew might allegorize the frustration of Lacanian *jouissance* and futilely desiring desire. Oh, and it’s pro-Second Amendment.

Greek is all Greek to me.

Shakespeare’s Falstaff dared to be Derridean four centuries early: “What is honor? A word…Air.”

Garbo’s self-anonymitizement.

Lord Byron was a hot-air balloon always on the verge of deflation and an overeater who dreaded inflation.

I‘m proud to announce that I’m artist-in-residence at…my residence. I’ve been given the dining-room table as a desk.

Janet Radcliffe Richards: “[B]eauty is not a matter of what you are, it is a matter of what you look like.”


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