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visual art by Lana Gentry

Lana is a Virginia artist who also is the Managing Editor and Lead Writer for loBURN Magazine.

Darkest Day


Kara-Zeal Herrle visual art

8-year-old Kara-Zeal is my daughter. A short interview of her follows the images below.

Daughter Easter

Daughter Thanksgiving

Daughter Trick or Treat

Daughter Christmas

Interview with Kara-Zeal

Question: Why do you like art?

Answer: It’s my favorite school subject, and it’s really relaxing.


Q:Where do you get ideas for art projects at home?

A: An idea comes into my head during the day, and then I come home and make them real.


Q:Do you prefer drawing and coloring to crafts, or the reverse?

A: I like those equally. Drawing, coloring and crafts have all the contents of art, and they all mix together.

Q: When do you most often make art?

A: Before bed. It helps me to relax and get ready to sleep. And it’s a peaceful time with nobody else around.

visual art by Pat Rocha

SubtleTea proudly shares selections from painter/illustrator Pat Rocha’s splendid visual art. Visit his official site here.


Ghost Town



Glamour Girls

Black Water

Night Flight

The Spinster

visual art by Dave Dick

Seeking Low

visual art by Bill Wolak

The Attentiveness of Delight

The Honey’s Mysterious Dream

The Sudden Intensity of Astonishment

more visual art by Claudio Parentela

visual art by Daniel de Culla

A Sense of Wonder

visual art by Dave Dick

Seeking Low

visual art by Junsui Silly

Visit her Instagram site here.


visual art by Marsha Wajer

Marsha works as a freelance illustrator and digital painter in South Australia. Visit her site here

Pineapple Head

Be Careful What You Wish For

Fish Feet

Vera Tequiliana

Elliott and the travel bug from Elliott Catches a Bug by David Danks

Moo and Ginger from Moo and the Sleepy Secret by Catherine Clarke