John D. Robinson poetry

John is the author of When You Hear The Bell, There’s Nowhere To Hide (Holy&Intoxicated Publications, 2016) and Cowboy Hats & Railways (Scars Publications, 2016). He lives in the UK.




I watched as this kid of
13 or 14 rolled slowly by
me on a bmx;
I looked on as he slowed,
looking all around as if
expecting someone as he
neared a charity shop;
I saw him move in close
to the outside display,
he put a boxed-toy
under an arm and then
cycled away quite
I walked into the shop
and told the old guy
inside what had just
happened and he silently
shook his head;
“If that kid had come in
here and said ’hey
mister I would really
like that toy but I
haven’t the money to
buy it but I may get some
pocket money next week
and I could give you some’
what would you have said?”
I asked the old fellow;
“I’d have said
‘just take it kid, we’re
a charity’”
he said smiling
“’just take it’”