Michael Estabrook poetry


When I was younger
I’d walk the train tracks beyond
where we lived pondering
the direction of my life
where have I been?
where am I going?
what am I doing or not doing?
what could I be doing better?
Even though I’m older now
and still have no answers
to these my life’s questions
I no longer tread the tracks
to ponder them
because those big trains appear silently
from around the bend awfully fast.


Whenever he finds a spider
in the house he leaves it alone
life is tough enough
he reasons even for spiders.
But sometimes one will show up
in the bedroom
around bedtime
and his wife notices and says
“either that spider goes or I do”
So of course he captures it
releases it outside
where it belongs anyway
but honestly at times
he’s tempted to leave
the damn thing
right where she found it.

Beautiful Woman

My Poetry Teacher
has determined
I have written more
than enough poems
about my wife
about her inestimable beauty
poise, grace and femininity.
“There are so many other
incredible things in the world
to write about,” he insists.

Michael Estabrook lives in Acton, Massachusetts.