Mitchell Grabois



I discovered a new species
in the near wetlands this morning

I was up to my knees in sludge
as we note-takers often are

when I spied it on a leaf
and examined it

It was not a creature to be startled into flight
half snail/half yellow-jacket wasp
its stinger protruding from the posterior
of its shell
I determined it was wingless, slow to attack
not an easy responder to provocation
therefore mutated with advanced anger-squelching capabilities
by means of a valve
located between its antennae
though this speculation
deserves further study

New to the world
yet it is obviously endangered
despite the sympathies it will provoke
in humans


Searching for my origins
I know I can’t find them on
I know none of my ancestors was a slave
or an Irish lord

I’m way too far out of alignment for that
so I write thousands of porn poems
dedicate them to the Marquis de Sade
and e-mail them to the editors of literary magazines

who respond with 
photos of their inflamed genitalia
along with sympathetic rejections

It’s not you, they say
It’s me

© Mitchell Grabois