poetry by g emil reutter

g emil reutter lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Visit his site.

In Costume

Millennials are in
overdrive as they
walk this hip
area of Chestnut
street just before
Halloween. There
are pirates, doms
and subs, angels
hot pants hookers
guys in drag
even a homeless
guy. Young and
drunk noise they
make is louder
than the traffic
they stop when
crossing the street.
Round after round
they buy and
all drink up.
As evening turns
to early morn
they make their
way home, stagger
and hold on
to each other
until they ascend
to their converted
factory lofts, the
party continues on
except for one
who staggers and
turns into an
alley, eyes blurry
belly full of
booze, he sits
on a grate
pulls up his
blanket and dreams
of what could
have been.