Stephen Pusateri poetry

The Bucket

Every day
The boy
a bucket
The well
a chore
           Then one day
           The boy
           a bucket
           The well
           a bird

Serious Question

Do you think the troops
that are on the front lines of wherever
it is that is considered protecting our borders,
ever sit there and share with one another
how happy they are
that they were thanked last night
on Dancing with the Stars?


Stephen Pusateri is a regular at the Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange. He works as a tour manager for the band Silencio (a tribute to the works of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti) and for WYEP-FM on their soul and blues programs. He has work collected in The Brentwood Anthology from Nine Toes Press. His poems have also appeared in Pittsburgh City PaperAfter Happy Hour Review, and Uppagus. His performance at the Hemingway’s Summer Poetry Series can be heard here.