Freelance Services

Having worked as a research librarian/proofreader and then as a technical writer for many years, and next to reading like a maniacal lifer in solitary confinement, keeping SubtleTea and Bookolage afloat and doing my own writing projects, I now offer freelance service in writing, proofreading, editing, content editing and manuscript consultation, which I’m currently expanding for a greater number of both amateurs and professionals. Clients can count on my many years of professional and private experience in the writing field. More details are below, or they can be relayed to inquirers by sending a message to sailthedaydream at

Manuscript Consultation
My consultation is ideal for authors who want astute analysis, honest assessment and careful editing, proofreading and preparation of their material. The depth of service depends on each author’s need, for which fees are adjusted accordingly. Below are the four service packages I offer.

Fees are adjusted according to manuscript size and complexity, and refunds are given if the work is unsatisfactory. Payment is expected up front for shorter pieces, but 50% first and 50% later is the standard for longer work. In order to promote my unique brand among competing companies that offer such services, I’ve analyzed the average costs for clients, which are almost invariably very high, and worked out relatively discounted rates for my work.


Authors may choose to send me a printed copy of their manuscript, or they may prefer to send a Word file to be printed by me (for a slightly extra fee), since I like to roll in the mud with the text – not to mention the fact that hard copies are better for cumulative notations and off-screen attention. I give manuscripts two to three readings in the course of the job, sweeping the text for grammatical/punctuation errors each time. In the final phase, after making corrections and changes in the electronic document (if requested by the author), I compose an outline-like assessment of the project, providing reasons for changes and suggestions for the author’s reference. ALL WORK IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL AND NEVER SHARED WITHOUT PERMISSION.

Miscellaneous Work

I also can edit, proofread and write for websites, blogs, papers and informal/formal documents.

Writing Submissions
I seek publications or individuals in need of feature articles, creative and contextual interviews, book/album/film/TV reviews and literary/scholarly essays.

Payment is generally done via PayPal and involves invoicing for clear records. Other reliable arrangements can be made upon request, of course.

Credentials and more CV information are available upon request.

Contact: hdavid417[at]outlook[dot]com