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Alec Kowalczyk - Escher Parking Garage

B.W. Elliott - The Standup Does Poetry

Rena Lee - Modigliani's Wife

Josh Bauer - The Pleasure Of Calling One Thing By Another’s Name, Alchemy

Sheree Mack - Still Life

Kristy Feltenberger - Father's Rubik's Cube

Raud Kennedy - Meeting My Past, Making My Own Acquaintance

Lyn Lifshin - Instant Ramen Noodles, I Think of Her as Amelia, Blue Motel Room...

Dustin Brookshire - Nightmare #7, The Flowerbed of Regret

Lisa Zaran - Placement, Democracy

Michael Brownstein - Drive By

Michael Estabrook - Choice

Shannon Cassady - Do You Feel That?, The Preacher Said He's In a Better Place...

L. Ward Abel - Tetrad

Clyde L. Borg - Chelsea Man

D.H. Sutherland - Genesis, revisited


John Grey - Cure-All, The General

Walter Ruhlmann - Ibsame

Ravi Rajan - A Twist In Life

John McKernan - Symbola Kept Saying

Magdalawit Makonnen - Meatus

Richard Spencer LaBute - We Don't Talk About The Neon Vodka Glow


Rohan Chhetri - Departure

Marie Lecrivain - Menopausal Rag Doll

Jason Sturner - Arachnophobia Cured!..., Before the Storm Wet the Earth

Farida Samerkhanova - Chain

Paul Hostovsky - The Fights, Suicidal Ideation

George Moore - The Imperfect, Reincarnation

Carol Lynn Grellas - Best Friends Forever, A Furniture Hoarder's Confession

Dustin Brookshire - Soap, Vocal

Kathryn Atwood - Dave Allen Is Shooting Baskets, The Year Jackie Became a Widow

Santiago del Dardano Turann - The Swine Flu Hoax

Mike Berger, PhD - Unraveled

David Fraser - Where Am I From

John Grey - To the Beautiful Woman, Road Crew

Barbara Panos - Indifference?

Kyle Hemmings - True Confessions, Episode 6: A Dogwalker Gets Dogged

John Leonard - V. Autumn Rains No Longer Fall (Passacaglia)

Louie Crew - No Wafer

Ryan Quinn Flanagan - Gloria, My First Telephone

Louis Daniel Brodsky - The Genius Behind Nil-Nisi-Bonum Cards

Faith de Savigne - Someone You Know, Knows

Milner Place - November, Midwinter, Once Upon A Time, Something In The Wind

Lyn Lifshin - Hitchcock poems

Lisa Zaran - Nothing Undone

Renee Alberts - Palm Sunday, Orbweaver, My Ex-Father Eats a Live Honeybee

David Whitehouse - The Zulus are Coming, Beach Boy

Sean C. Bowen - Mrs. Dunlop

B.W. Elliott - A Modern Man

Holly Day - Compost, Dreaming

Jared Randall - Travelogue poems

Michael Brownstein - In the Beginning

Dee Sunshine - disOrdered

CL Bledsoe - House Keeping, The City with a Smile

Jack Conway - Zen and the Art of Dental Hygiene

Michael Lutz - The Doppleganger's Winter

Marie Lecrivain - reveille!

Korliss Sewer - Peep Show

Maurice Oliver - Stylish Soles (Vol. 3)

Joseph Masanga - The Call, You

Gerald Bosacker - Gravity, Miracle Paleontology

Bob Bradshaw - Fencing


Pamela MacBean - Long Shadows in the Twilight Zone

Amnett UlArra - Song for Walking the Roundabout

I.B. Rad - Treading Water

Barb Lundy - The Fifth String

Richard Lighthouse - on the death of my father

Robert Elzy Cogswell - Flat Smooth and Hard, Wag Your Tail

Iris Dan - untitled

Bridgette Holmes - Volunteer Work, New Woman New Friend

Robert Scott - Cotillion


James D. Ardis - X and Why

Steve De France - Circular Patterns

Twixt - Stylized See (short version alternate), Betterment's Self-Defeat

Louis Daniel Brodsky - Frozen Lake, Wound Up

Iris Dan - The Romanian Flower Girl, Gas Masks

Sean C. Bowen - Favor of Ricardo Pharoah, The Fire

Lyn Lifshin - Deer On the Tracks, Leaping, Running In Terror...

Dr. A Mitra - untitled

Mikel K - I Understand

Christina McKee - Pancreatitis: 2005 (4)

Tobi Cogswell - Poem Masquerading As Haiku

Steve De France - Coffee Grounds

Changming Yuan - At the Bubbling Beach, The Crow and the Butterfly

Craig Kirchner - Car Talk

Ward Abel - Two Georgia Blues

Paul Hostovsky - Work

Lise Whidden - Cowboy Loves Me, I Know He Does...

Lyn Lifshin - Not Cold Baby, No, The Dream of Wishing I had a Gun...

Papa Osmubal - Bencab Painting One of His Filipino Poet-Friends

Maurice Oliver - A Thing Or Two About "Truth", When The Daring Among Us Flirt...

Deborah Rey - Free the Soul Mit Arbeit

Joseph Reich - Civilization 101, At the Peak Of

James Morrill - Mediocrity As An Art Form, Chinese Water Torture

A.C. McQuade - How To Hold

Alice Parris - Peripheral Visions

Mark Jackley - After I Laid Him Off, I Drove Him Home, Locks

Christopher Barnes - Hitman

Mikel K - From a Place, Out of Gas

Paul Murphy - Preludes c and d

Brandi Watts - Writing Between the Cracks, Skylight,  Sprung, August Song, Just One, Full Sky...

Daniel Hopkins - Karma, Sound

Iftekhar Sayeed - verstehen, shadow

James Quinton - everyone is a writer, Entertaining the Devil, fingertips cold

Damian Hamilton - The Gangster, Poles of Confusion


Christian Thomas - The Darling Lark, The Dovetail Ruse, Wrong To Be Lonely...

Pamela MacBean - Passage

Will Kenyon - Fear In A Handful of Cookie Crumbs

Marianne Vincent - Bread, Hunger, The Girl From Ipanema

Mercedes Lawry - Prayer For Elvis

Laala Alghata - Undying

Erica A. L'Huillier - untitled

Tracy Franklin - Travel

Anila Jahn - Balance On the Earth

Kim Schroeder - I Knew Noah

David Herrle - Phone Call For Virginia, Visit, FOUTEZ-MOI TOUT CE MONDE DEHORS!...

Jess Belding - America, My Love

Zoe Alexandria - Brain Washing

Lisa Helfer - D'esse

Victor Garcia - My Questions

Peter Ely - The Older Brother Asks The Younger Brother A Deep, Dark Question

Jennifer Stockdale - I'd Like My Love To Hurt Like That, Eliot's Claim To Fame

Beth Kehayes - superhero

Jim Pinto - The Legal Mugging Of Microsoft, You Are Rich, Brother William, Now I'm Sixty-Four

Lisa Zaran - Secondhand

Megan Volpert - best golden retriever ever, poncho/kimono

Carolyn Howard-Johnson - Learning About Sex When All Else Fails, Another Day

Corey Mesler - The Late Shift At, LP

Kristine Ong Muslim - Age

Kamuran Kelly - "It's All Relevant," said ____.

Marie Lecrivain - palate

Carmen Eichman - Unwanted Lover Leads the Poet

Jane Adam - You Were

Cindy Forsburg - History Book

Marie Lecrivain - May 6, 1937

Raud Kennedy - Forever Young, Equal Rights

Milner Place - The Song of Eulalio del Rio

Brent Appling - Some Well Preserved Narcissism, Whitman's Lisps

Joseph Armstead - Disciples Wandering the Wastes, A Shadow Across the Membrane

Marie Lecrivain - Cognito

Lyn Lifshin - Cove Point, Photograph, After 15 Years

D.B. Gallagher - Primary Color, After My Appointment

Ward Abel - Firth

Ashok Niyogi - Tasks, Prayer

Jeffrey Taylor - Bastard Apple, pooled like...

Vivien Steels - Animus

David Mclean - naked as gods, Stephane

Lea Deschenes - Elijah, Tin Can Telephone

Kat Barba - Michael

Tom Berman - The Leather Suitcase, Galilee Spring

James Whitley - In My Glass House

Godfrey Logan - Rochelle

Kenneth Brown - Soldier Tears

Umesh Ghoshdastider - untitled

John Grey - At the Wheel

Bobbi Lurie - myth of narcissus

Gail Ghai - Trying To Read

I.B. Rad - Infinite Progress Shun

Lyn Lifshin - 92 Rapple, December 28, The Darkest Blue Blues

Missy Lambert - From Gray

Andrea Bierly - The Perfect Crime

Peter Schwartz - The Soloist


John Greiner - Transit

Debby Regan - Mr. Santi

Mariel Boyarsky - My Parents, The River

Jennifer Poteet Mallory - Peg, My Lover Brings Me Water

Bradley Thomas - When Her Husband Died

Peter Roberts - Cars

A. Thiagrajan - Violence, Smile In His Sleep

Amnett Ul'Arra - untitled

Cleo Creech - Love Tattoos

Ken Pobo - A Year Before

C.S. Fuqua - Encounters, Simplicity

Tom Sheehan - Searching For Mushrooms And Trolleys, The Saugus

Patrick Frank - Bad Day For A Sub, A Man On The Green

Josef Lesser - Fragments of A Letter Washed Ashore, And I Think of the Connection, And...

Jonathan Hayes - Awakening, An Angel Once You've Fallen

Suchoon Mo - He Snored in the History Class

Jan Oscar Hansen - A Tropical Island

J.D. Heskin - The Business of Love

Chris Clatworthy - A Life More Ordinary

JJG Cabanos - Accendo

Jim Rushton - Nanking Rain, In The Mirror

C.S. Fuqua - Pennies

Christian Ward - Birdwatching

Tonya Kelley - Anything, Pie, Adultery or Comparable Circumstance, On A Man, On It

Kate Heidel - Winter In Loring Park

Pamela MacBean - Designs on Dusk, A Choice

John Sweet - If Not The Hope, Then The Possibility

Salman Shaheen - The Highway

Bradley Hoge - The Meaning of Life

Elizabeth Glixman - Young and In Lewd

David Thornbrugh - Screenplay, Making Sense

Richard Hahn - Bloodletter In the Modern World, The Midget From Across The Street

Barbara Archer - Shortcuts

Vasile Baghiu - Flowers And Ruins

Uma Asopa - The Visitor, As I Sang To Her

Ritwik Deo - Steps

Andrew Slattery - Squid Ink, Australian Sky,  Januaries

Jenne Kaivo - A Letter Found Under A Magnet, Drop

Lisa Zaran - I Have Listened and Heard Enough

Patrick Frank - Bad Day For A Sub, A Man on the Green

Lisa Zaran - I Often Look You Over

Joseph McCullough - The Knife-Throwing Artists

Chris Crittenden - Water, Maples Before Winter

Daniel S. Irwin - Second Thoughts, Work

Judy Pichichero - The Human Condition

Marie Lecrivain - the three sons of grimm at the laundromat, reading frank in the bath

Tripp Howell - A Well-Crafted Defense, How You Left Me Behind in the Quest for Questionable Morals

Jennifer Stockdale - Pink Tartan

Robin Bennett - Thicker Than Water, In Lieu Of Flowers

Gary Lehmann - Also Sprach Fred

Laura Blake - What Am I Helen of Troy?

Jonathan Hayes - A Little Song, At the Desk

Mahin Ali Khan - Fragments, April Conclusions

Collin Kelley - Credentials

DeAnne Smith - Why I'm A Voyeur, Witness, My Favorite Silence

Shadwynn - Mortal Remains

Tolulope Ogunlesi - Solitary Confinement, We Men

Dustin Brookshire - The Mistress and I, Articulations, After the Interview

Shane Allison - No One Calls Me

Pamela MacBean - Let the Cat Out...

Kathryn Atwood - Freedom of the Press

John Bryan - Barmaid, Caterwaul

Corey Messler - Ghost Closet Dream, Versifying Archimage, A Weekend With Thanatos

Nick Zegarac - When the Light Goes Out, Death of a Scientist, Lost, She, 50%

Roberta Swetlow - Checkmate

Helen Losse - Small Town News, Summertime Treat

Alice Parris - Should I Have Been Horrified, Blue-Halycon Reveries

Dianne Cikusa - Handwriting

Doug Draime - Everybody Has Something To Say, Living Off the Land

Tatjana Lukic - (from) almost a haiku

Bradley Thomas - Eggs, Directions, She Remarked To Me

Greg Braquet - Bella Lugosi Blues, Early Bird Special

Louis Daniel Brodsky - 2 AMs, The Word Made...

Bob Bradshaw - Afternoon Tea

Keira Dearbháil  - Show you care: beat your kids, Smile: you are now on candid camera

Luke Buckham - Aging Unexpectedly One Night In Florida, For All of Us in Jail

Amitabh Mitra - Summers In Delhi, Rain In Gwalior

Aryan Kaganof - The Inheritance, Angel Again, The Wedding

Rolf Gompertz - Recipe For A Balanced Diet, Directions To Heaven, Tribes, The Survivor...

Richard Hahn - Again The Ides Of March, Greetings From Pittsburgh!, Hopalong Cassidy Rides...

Robert Schoenberg - Working Towards

Ayesha Mark - The Man, Monsoon Day

Richard Fein - In Rare Ecstasy, Keeping Up Values

Louie Crew - I Will Haunt You, Nuclear Waste, A Rose Is...

Robert McDermott  - Zen Gardening, St. Pantaleon, Berlin

Damion Hamilton - Bad Job, Speed

Bob Bradshaw - Afternoon Tea

John Leonard - The Forger

Jeff Peeples - That Is Not What I Meant at All

Yvonne Garrett - Water From Home

Ace Boggess - Breath, I Hate To Be Trite, But...

Jan Pengelly - the rest is silence

Maurice Oliver - Melancholy-Meets-Exoticism (Piano Version), When The Daring Among Us...

Ashok Niyogi  - Blonde Hair With Auburn Roots, Laguna Street

Aurora Antonovic - Exquisite Love/L'Amour Exquis

Duane Locke - Poems Written In Exile At Lake Morton #126/129, The Odor of Tears & Perfume

Daniela Buccilli - Race In Indianapolis, Ross Park Mall Shopping, A Partial List of Love's Qualities...

Amanda Porter - Reflection, Blue Lady, After School

Gabriel Ricard - Drive-By Wake

Nii Parkes - Dancing in the Wind

Rosemarie Crisafi - Bringing Home The Wounded, Chemistry, A Physician Drowned In Brazil...

Kelley Beeson - The Phenomenology of Electricity..., A Sestina of Naming...

Suchoon Mo - A Howling Hermit

Aurora Antonovic - New York Cocktail Party, Addiction, Sunday Night Supper

Janet Butler - The Emissary, A Renaissance Portrait: Mary Magdalene

Jenny Sadre-Orafai - The Only Poem About A Surfer, A Faster Fighter

Yvonne Morris - Fuzzy Lollipop

Jonathan Hayes - A Little Song, At the Desk

Peter Roberts - In The Beginning...Was The End

Luis Berriozabal - Carry Nation

Sharon Esther Lambert - Remo: "Drink, Drink, Drink"

Olga Grun - Dancing Razor, Listening To Dad's Steps, Life Portrait

Corey Messler - Sex Education And Beyond

Donna Nocera-Miller - Tete-a-tete, A Street In Puerto Viarta, Disconnected

Ben Passikoff - Hymn (Him) To Princess Diana, Bio

Theresa Boyar - Pink Onions, Zero's Lament, Their Marriage, Child

Mark Murphy - Affinity, Devotion, Mirror Mirror, Diogenes Checkmates

John Hall - A Childish Snap, Fashioned, Breakfast Suicide

Sheema Kalbasi - Kaddish, Half-Time Woman

Sarah Zang - Stages Of Decay, Checkmate

John Sweet - Sunlight On Chrome..., The Sea Of Static Continued, Landscape With Falling House...

Nicholas Collinwood - On Some Deluded Rendezvous

Sarah Williams - Desperation, Love Poem

Michael Internicola - Chin Deep In It, Good Advice, 19th Poem, Warren Hayes

Martin Mitchell - From Sunrise, Speechless

Makini L. Slaughter - Black Woman's Lament

Danny Wade - Untitled

Ward Abel - From Shoreless Bridge, December, Gray Highway, Morning Cache

Alexander Nowalk - Daylight Savings, Palindrome, At The Top Of The Prudential Building With...

Janet Buck - October's Land, Tea Between the Storms, The Promise Of Geraniums

Ricky Garni - Thinking Furniture For Lovers, Mirror

Will Stuart - Land Of Communion (The Elysian Cafe), Good Chaos, Ambivalent...

Gia Lara - Laundry Day

Anastasia Clark - The Grape Smashers

Cheryl Hart - Spider, The Lost Poem

John Leonard - Son Of The Father, Loose-Ends

Jilly Apple - Victoria

J.D. Nelson - Credit Check, Green Comet

Matthew Herrle - Dime, The Body Composer, Vacation, Blood Sun, Talk & the Function of Measure...

Carol Graser - Coop Order, Panning, Grass Roots Music Festival

Robert Black - Trade Winds, The Winners' Enclosure, Implosion...

Kint McLerity - One Hour, Stargazer, Definitive Laughter

RT Castleberry - Beauty's Eye (Like Opals, Like Pearls), An Inconvenient Destination...

Tatjana Lukic - Ad, Back, Search-Mates

Taylor Graham - Hole In The Sky, Emergency Entrance

Skip Shea - The Path

Tamara Graham - Braids, Freshly Picked, Queen's Dream

Stephen Mead - Feel Your Life, And Gave My Body To The Night, Stranded, Sleeping With Stone

Ernest Williamson III - Blind Vision

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